[FAQ] How to Request Help

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[FAQ] How to Request Help

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Here's a quick check list of what you should keep in mind and what you need to include if you need help or support. :ugeek:

⭑⭑ Screenshots or Console Logs are absolutely necessary for any kind of help request or bug report! ⭑⭑

rednoah wrote:18 Oct 2020, 07:38 :!: Please share commands, scripts, logs and console output via pastebin. This server may reject your post with an BAD REQUEST response if you try to post large swathes of code or console output. Consider using our #support channel instead if the forums are giving you trouble. :!:

If you're using the GUI:
  • Include Image System Information (press F5 and then click the information symbol)
  • Include Screenshots (absolutely required for new topics)
  • Include file paths as text when reporting mismatches (press F7 to copy debug information)
  • Include Image Logs (press F5 and then click the warning symbol)

If you're using the CLI:

:idea: Before posting make sure to have a quick look at the FAQ and check existing posts for answers. When starting a New Topic think of a Meaningful Title, and avoid vague titles like "Bug Report" or "Need Help" or "FileBot Questions" or "filebot not working" because those aren't really helpful.

:idea: Nicely formatted posts are appreciated. Use bold / italic / underline or colors if it can make your point more clear, and when posting cmdline code or logs you must use the CODE tag since that will greatly improve readability.

:idea: The FileBot Forums CAPTCHA (see solution) will test you on your movie knowledge! DON'T PANIC! We have chosen among the most popular, most well-known, and highest-grossing, greatest movies and movie franchises of all time. ;)

:idea: Please do share scripts, logs, console output, etc via pastebin since our WAF may otherwise misclassify your code as a potential code injection attack and reject your post with an Internal Server Error response.

Useful Links:
Examples of excellent Help Requests:
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.