How to 'Request Help'

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How to 'Request Help'

Postby rednoah » 31 Jul 2014, 16:40

Here's a quick check list of what you should keep in mind and what you need to include if you need help or support. :ugeek:

:!: Screenshots and/or Console Logs are absolutely necessary. :!:

If you're using the GUI:
  • Include System Information, i.e. Windows? Linux? Mac? Embedded? What FileBot version?
  • How did you install FileBot? Windows Store? App Store? Package Repository?
  • Include Screenshots
  • Include file paths as text when reporting mismatches
  • Use the Groovy Pad and run runScript 'sysinfo' (press F5, and then press F5 again)

If you're using the CLI:
  • Include the cmdline call and any output or logs.
  • Make sure you escape and quote your cmdline arguments correctly. I will not fix your broken cmdline call for you.
  • When redirecting console output, make sure to include standard output AND error output. I will not fix your command not found issues.
  • When including logs, make sure that they illustrate the issue clearly. I will not sift through large chunks of random logs.
  • Include the output of filebot -script fn:sysinfo

:idea: Before posting make sure to have a quick look at the FAQ and check existing posts for answers. When starting a New Topic think of a Meaningful Title, and avoid vague titles like "Bug Report" or "Need Help" or "filebot not working" because those aren't really helpful.

:idea: Nicely formatted posts are appreciated. Use bold / italic / underline or colors if it can make your point more clear, and when posting cmdline code or logs you must use the CODE tag since that will greatly improve readability.

:idea: I do not reply to private messages. Unless you have a very good reason for not making a public New Topic.

:idea: Have you tried the latest build?

:idea: Sometimes rednoah may seem like a grunt and respond with short answers. This isn't (always) because he hates you, but because he's on mobile or busy fixing bugs.

Useful Links:
Upload Screenshots =>
Upload Logs =>
My (very excellent) support depends on Windows Store and Mac App Store sales and PayPal donations. Paying users, donors and everyone who contributes to FileBot in one way or another will get the very best support.


Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help. Donate if you'd like some extra developer love. :ugeek:

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