Doctor Who Stories vs Episodes

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Doctor Who Stories vs Episodes

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I acquired the original Doctor Who (1963-1989) series and am trying to get it organized for Jellyfin import. The problem is that currently the episodes are organized on story order/groups instead of a TVDB (or traditional) season episode format.

Example screenshot:

This lines up with the original BBC "episode" list, but not the TVDB list.

You can see in the first screenshot the story number is used as the episode and that throws FileBot off, but the last part of the file name is the actual episode title.

I tackled the first season by changing the episode number manually so FileBot could grab the correct information. However with another 25 season and 200ish episodes to go, I was hoping for a better option for matching and renaming.

I have really ever only used FileBot for my own DVD rips where I controlled the initial data entry. This kind of renaming is well outside my skillset.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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Re: Doctor Who Stories vs Episodes

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Please watch the Getting Started #2 video tutorial. Since the files you have are already in natural order (although incorrectly SxE numbered, according to your selected database) making files align with episodes should be almost zero effort after dropping in the episode list as-is on the right-hand side.

⭑⭑ Please watch the Getting Started and Video Tutorials if you have not done so already. ⭑⭑


:arrow: Please read FAQ #2 and Manual Matching for details.
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