FileBot Xattr scanners for Plex in 2022

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FileBot Xattr scanners for Plex in 2022

Post by jprokos »

Good morning

Just tried these and wondering if they are still compatible as stated on the following page:

I am unable to choose the menu items that you show as working together.


I can choose "Personal Media", "Plex Movie (Legacy)", "The Movie Database". If I choose "Plex Movie" for the Agent then the Scanner is automatically switched back to "Plex Movie" as well.
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Re: FileBot Xattr scanners for Plex in 2022

Post by rednoah »

Plex will drop support for custom scanners, agents, etc, at some point in the future. The new "Plex Movie" scanner / agent probably doesn't use the old plug-in system anymore, and presumably does not separate into "scanner" and "agent" plug-ins anymore either, and thus you can't mix and match scanners and agents anymore.

:arrow: I'd just use the {} format nowadays, since Plex has added support for {tmdb-12345} markers, that will now take care of making identification simple and reliable.
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