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[FAQ] How do I evaluate FileBot?

Posted: 06 May 2020, 10:51
by rednoah
You may freely download and install FileBot and play with it, to make sure everything works for you and your particular use case in advance before purchasing a license.

You can:
  • You can download and install FileBot (to make sure that FileBot runs smoothly on your computer)
  • You can start FileBot and play with FileBot (to make sure that you won't run into any trouble Getting Started with the FileBot Desktop application)
  • You can evaluate Episode Mode / Movie Mode / Music Mode / etc (to make sure that FileBot can connect to your preferred 3rd party database and automatically identify your files)
  • You can evaluate Format Expressions (to make sure that FileBot can generate your preferred destination file structure)
  • You can print System Information to check for compatibility issues
  • You can preview how files would be renamed / moved / copied / etc
  • You can run filebot and play with the filebot command-line tools
  • You can evaluate filebot commands by adding --action TEST
You cannot:

(TL;DR) You may evaluate (1) Load and (2) Match everything else that leads up to (3) Rename but to continue to actually renaming files you will need a valid license: