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[FAQ] How do I organize files for Plex?

Posted: 28 Nov 2022, 03:42
by rednoah

⭑⭑ Please watch the How do I organize files for Plex? video tutorial if you have not done so already. ⭑⭑

Set the {} format as your naming scheme to name and organize files according to the Plex Naming Standard:

Format: Select all

{ drive }/Media/{ }

:!: DO NOT move badly named files into your Plex liberary before processing. DO move / rename files into your Plex library in a single atomic operation with the /path/to/Media/{} format. Plex may get confused if you move / rename files that are already in your Plex library and have already been scanned. Please read The Plex Dance for details.

Match files against your preferred database. Make sure to use TheMovieDB and Airdate Order in both FileBot and your Plex library settings.


:!: DO NOT mix databases and episode orders within the same Plex library folder. DO create separate Plex libraries with your preferred library settings if you want to use different databases or episode orders for different files.

:idea: The default opportunistic matching algorithms works best for most users most of the time. However, mismatches can happen if the files at hand don't match the episode information in your chosen database well. Please read Match Mode: Opportunistic vs Strict and Manual Matching for alternative approaches.

:idea: Organising Anime files with AniDB naming / Absolute numbering can be tricky, because TheMovieDB::TV naming / Airdate SxE numbering may not match your files well depending on the series at hand, and may require some finesse. Please read Convert Absolute to SxE numbers for details. Please ask for advice here in the forums if you need help with any particular set of files.

Hit Rename to move / rename files.


:idea: If you are processing files within the the same file system, then you may prefer to use Hardlink so that you can have the same file twice at both the original file path and the Plex library file path. (NOTE: hardlinks require no time to create and require no additional disk space; if you can use hardlinks then you should use hardlinks)

:!: Ensure that Prefer local metadata is disabled in your library settings, and that Local Media Assets disabled in your agent settings. We want Plex to not use the embedded media title as display name.