[FAQ] How to Request Help

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[FAQ] How to Request Help

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Here's a quick check list of what you should keep in mind and what you need to include if you need help or support. :ugeek:

⭑⭑ Screenshots or Console Logs are absolutely necessary for any kind of help request or bug report! ⭑⭑

If you're using the GUI:
  • Include Image System Information (press F5 and then click the information symbol)
  • Include Screenshots (absolutely required for new topics)
  • Include file paths as text when reporting mismatches (press F7 to copy file paths into the clipboard and then press CTRL+V to paste them here)
  • Include Image Logs (press F5 and then click the warning symbol)

If you're using the CLI:
  • Include the command-line call and console output or logs (absolutely required for new topics; run filebot -script fn:logs if you can't find the logs; please use pastebin to share large logs)
  • Include filebot -script fn:sysinfo output (absolutely required for new topics)

:idea: Before posting make sure to have a quick look at the FAQ and check existing posts for answers. When starting a New Topic think of a Meaningful Title, and avoid vague titles like "Bug Report" or "Need Help" or "FileBot Questions" or "filebot not working" because those aren't really helpful.

:idea: Nicely formatted posts are appreciated. Use bold / italic / underline or colors if it can make your point more clear, and when posting cmdline code or logs you must use the CODE tag since that will greatly improve readability.

:idea: The FileBot Forums CAPTCHA (see solution) will test you on your movie knowledge! DON'T PANIC! We have chosen among the most popular, most well-known, and highest-grossing, greatest movies and movie franchises of all time. ;)

Useful Links:
Examples of excellent Help Requests:
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.