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Release notes and future plans
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FileBot 5.0

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FileBot 5.0.0
• Added support for Digital and Production and Story Arc episode order preferences
• Added Default Presets for assorted use cases
• Added Group ➔ Double Episodes to Episodes context menu
• Added {jellyfin} binding (i.e. Jellyfin naming standard)
• Added {acf} audio channel format tag binding
• Added {ct} file creation date binding
• Added {relativeFile} relative library path binding
• Enhanced {hd} with support for additional HD resolutions (i.e. UHD / QHD / FHD / HD / SD)
• Enhanced Match auto-align behaviour
• Added column edit behaviour to Edit Name
• Added CTRL+O and CTRL+L keyboard shortcuts for Open and Reveal
• Added CTRL+M and CTRL+N keyboard shortcuts for Edit Match and Edit Name
• Support for setting POSIX permissions via --apply chmod
• Support for Extras via --apply import
• Support for transcoding TMPlayer and MPL2 subtitle files to SRT / UTF-8
• Enable TheTVDBv4 by default
• Enable HTTP/2 by default
• Fix drag-n-drop issues on Linux / KDE / Dolphin

FileBot 5.0.1
• Fix the TheTVDB search issues (1)
• Fix TVmaze lookup issues (2)
• Fix series auto-selection issues (3)

Known Issues:
{resolution} may behave differently depending on the context (4)
NFO files generated by TinyMediaManager break series lookup (5)


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